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Remote Helpdesk Release 7.9  (Nov, 2011)

New.. Disabled active desktop wallpapers before connection and re-instated on disconnection;
Fix..    Full screen fixed when using on secondary monitors;
Fix..    Added longer timeout for quiting to overcome disconnection problems on slow networks (Exiting sometimes caused reconnection to occur .. etc);

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.8  (Dec, 2008)

New.. Remote server can be set to disconnect and latter reconnect with timeout specified in minutes;
New.. Chat modifed with stay on top form, time stamp etc.;
Fix..    File Transfer Text Viewer failed to work after initial use etc;
Fix..    File Transfer setting Attributes failed to work after initial use etc;
Fix..    File Transfer may have failed on Vista;
Fix..    Buttons in Session Screen not accessable on some computers;

Note... Version 7.8 will be provided FREE on request to users currently using  Version 7.7

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.7  (May, 2008)

New.. Remote Helpdesk Client (remhelpc.exe) now runs as a tray icon;
New.. Viewing/control remote computer secondary monitors;
New.. Added RHReconnect macro to allow reconnection of sessions to another                       support  officer;
New.. Added network tab under remote computer information;
New.. improved email engine;
New.. Improved error messages when using MS Sql Server database backend;
Fix..    Disabling UAC may have froze remhelp.exe on some computers;

Note.. Trial timeout increased to 10 minutes (file transfer and switching monitors                    disabled in trial);
          Now using Port 443 as default for Reverse connections.

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.6  (February, 2008)

New.. Added startup options for ExecuteWait macro function;
New.. Added WallPaperHide macro Function to manually hide wallpaper;
New.. Added WallPaperShow Macro Function to manually show wallpaper;
New.. Added SHChangeNotify event ito update drives if network lost;
New.. Added options to set location of start and exit buttons in remhelp.exe
Fix..   Modified remhelp.exe to internally handle larger amount of support officers.

Note that the above additions have been included in updates to clients since the 7.5 release in March 2007.

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.5  (March 2, 2007)

Fix.. Newer versions of Remote Helpdesk were unable to correctly read the saved Remhelp.exe configuration file from older versions, which may have caused the start button to disappear;

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.4  (February 25, 2007)

New.. Under MS Vista, Remote.exe will startup requesting esculation;
New.. Under MS Vista, UAC can optionally be disabled during remote session;
Fix..   Under MS Vista, Remote Reboot has been fixed (but requires some manual intervention, instructions advised in help);

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.3  (February 11, 2007)

New.. Remote Helpdesk compatibility with Vista 32/64 Bit;
New.. Improved remote session speed under Vista 32/64;
New.. Remote Display can optionally be changed to 16 bit to reduce Aero Glass affects;
Fix..   Remote System Information fixed for Vista 32/64;
Fix..   Help displays under Vista 32/64.

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.2  (December 2, 2006)

New.. Reboot Remote Computer;
New.. Improvement of Local database performance;
New.. Added copy and local printing of remote screen to menu's;
New.. Options to hide Direct or Reverse Connection tabs;
New.. Sendkeys command added to macro;
New.. AppActivate command added to macro.

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.1  (August 27, 2006)

New.. Added optional 128, 192 and 256 AES (Rijndael) encryption of all data traffic.

Remote Helpdesk Release 7.0  (July 27, 2006)

New.. File Transfer Screen that can transfer while viewing remote session;
New.. Multi-user database to store session information etc;
New.. Option to store session information on MS Sql Server;
New.. New Remote Session Information screen that includes calculation costs;
New.. Data Manager that allows import/export and updating data files directly;
New.. AutoStart Option that allows reconnection of session on network failure;
New.. View Option to echo Mouse position;
Bug Fix.. Fixed Interception of Alt+H etc by Remote Helpdesk Menu's;
Bug Fix.. Fixed Macro Apprun command, can now run txt files etc
Bug Fix.. Event Logging in remhelp.exe fixed.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.9 (April 20, 2006)

Bug Fix.. Users upgrading to version 6.8 from older versions may experience bug that causes the remote information screen from being displayed.

Note..Anyone experincing this bug in version 6.8 can request a free upgrade.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.8 (March 15, 2006)

New.. Added computer, motherboard and bios info to system information;
New.. Added Drive Type to System Information;
New.. Added functionality for users to highlight windows processes running on remote computer;
Bug Fix.. Fixed bug running remhelp.exe on Win95 computers;

Note..Due to bug running Remote Helpdesk on Windows95 anyone purchasing Remote Helpdesk 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 or 6.7 can obtain latest version on request.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.7 (February 18, 2006)

New.. Optional auto update of remhelp.exe from your web server;
Bug Fix.. transfer of large compressed files sometimes failed;
Bug Fix.. Files with single quotes could not be viewed or transferred;
Note..The bug fix for transfer of compressed files required modifying the transmission protocol, as a result version 6.7 cannot communicate with older versions and vice versa. The auto update feature was implemeted to overcome distribution problems with future releases to your customers.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.6 (February 2, 2006)

Bug Fix.. Popup Messages displayed to user now stay open after disconnection;
Bug Fix.. Macro Execute command now runs and batch files;

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.5 (July 29, 2005)

Version 6.4 trial on was configured incorrectly and failed to connect so was re-released as version 6.5

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.4 (June 20, 2005)

New.. Support desktop can be streamed and viewed by Customer;
New.. Local port for reverse connection can now be specified;
New.. Added Environment and process information to Remote System Information;
New.. Faster screen updates;
New.. Faster file transfer;
Bug Fix.. Fixed time out failure that occured with file transfer;
*Please note that version 6.4 cannot communicate with older versions and vice versa
* Release 6.3 had limited distribution and only included minor fixes.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.2 (December 2, 2004)

Bug Fix.. Client did not respond correctly to busy server;
Bug Fix.. File transfer timed out on slow connections - increased timeout value;
Bug Fix.. Added fix to see remote drives;
Bug Fix.. Returned full screen Mode.
* Release 6.1 was cancelled.

Remote Helpdesk Release 6.0 (August 29, 2004 *)

New.. Proxy Tunnel for connecting through firewalls;
New.. Registry lookup for IP address of proxy;
New.. Attempt connection to other support officers, if selected officer is busy;
New.. Voice communications;
New.. Improved interface;
New.. resizing of remote screen view.
* Note re-released 2 September with network latency/audio fixes (check release date in about screen).
* Note re-released 8 September with code entry fix (check release date in about screen).

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.6 (July 6, 2004)

Bug Fix.. Connection Log did not display correct connection time (thanks to Mike,ISG for identifying this bug);
Upgrade to this version for users that have recieved version 5.4 or 5.5 is free on request.

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.5 (May 24, 2004)

New.. Memory modifications to remhelp.exe to improve screen update speed;

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.4 (May 7, 2004)

New.. Macro called 'OnConnect' will automatically run on all new connections (requested by user);
New.. New macro function called UrlOpen that opens browser on remote computer and displays url (requested by user);
New.. Display username and computer name in window caption bar (requested by user);
New.. Option to bring client program to foreground on new connections (requested by user);
New.. Option to beep or play soundwave on new connections (requested by user);

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.3 (April 19, 2004)

New.. Enhanced Email Notification with remote computer information (requested by user);

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.2 (December 14, 2003)

New.. Multiple Support officers can be integrated into remhelp.exe with user selection;
New.. Optionally set remote screen to 256 colours and size during remote session;
New.. reverse connections - Optionally request password from user;
New.. Read/Write configuration settings to file;
New.. Reverse connection retry changed from 25 to 15 seconds;
New.. Added port option for Email Server;
New.. Font and Button captions can be modified within setup;
Bug Fix.. Email function modified for improved stability;

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.1 (September 21, 2003)

New.. Optimised transport protocol to improve speed;
New.. Added Task Manager to Menu;

Remote Helpdesk Release 5.0 (August 9, 2003)

New.. Improved speed through modem connections (client mods only);

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.9

New.. Added Macro commands as per request (ReadIniStr,WriteIniStr,ExecuteWait,MsgYNLocal,Sleep);
New.. Remote System Information displays drive type;
bug fix.. Macro Screen did not function correctly if started from Login Screen;
bug fix.. Screen updates sometimes failed after minimizing RH client;

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.8

bug fix.. Reverse connection's sometimes failed with version 4.7 because of bug in screen buffer option;

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.7

New.. File transfer can now transfer folders (including sub directories)
New.. Display Remote System Information
New.. Send Messages to the Remote User
New.. Change Screen Buffer Settings
New.. Macro capability;
New.. Chat

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.6

New.. Installation program enhanced, now using Astrum Install Wizard;
New.. Communication protocols optimised to improve speed.

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.5

New.. Modified encryption algorithm to speed encryption of complicated screens (active desktop backgrounds etc) without compromising security - screen refresh rate improvement > 50%
New.. Refresh rate of 32 bit desktops improved by about 5%

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.4

New.. Disabled menu animation on the remote pc during remote sessions;
New.. Modified screen check to scan from bottom up of screen;
New.. Reduced data transmission of screen updates;
bug fix.. sending of clipboard text failed with imbedded semi-colon's;

Remote Helpdesk Release 4.3

New.. Added mouse wheel support
New.. Hide desktop wallpaper on connection unless active desktop is on;



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