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The trial version disconnects every five minutes

The remote helpdesk trial is designed to disconnect every five minutes to make the system unattractive to customers that do not like paying for software. If the disconnections interrupts your testing please contact support with the name of your company and we will be glad to provide you with a trial version that will expire within a month (without disconnects).

How can I use Reverse Connection if my Support Officers do not have fixed IP Addresses

If Remote Helpdesk is configured to use Reverse Connection, the remhelp.exe will attempt to connect from your customers workstation to your support officers computer. If your support officers computer does not have fixed IP addresses then you need to use a third party DNS Service like DynDNS - DynDNS provide a DNS service that is free for up to five IP addresses. Create a login with DynDNS and create a Dynamic DNS entry '' with the temp IP address of your support officer and then setup Remote Helpdesk Server to connect to the IP address of ''. When Remote Helpdesk starts it will first obtain the IP address from DynDNS and then connect directly to the IP address of your support officer. DynDNS provide tools to easily change the IP addresses of your support officers.

How do I setup a html page to run the remote server

The remote helpdesk can be started by a link to the executable file 'remhelp.exe' from a html page by placing 'remhelp.exe' on your web server and creating a link on your html page to run the remote helpdesk <a href="/remhelp.exe"> run remote helpdesk. Check Example

Authenticode warning

If your users use IE "Internet explorer", a warning message may appear depending on users local security settings, advising that Remote Helpdesk does not contain Authenticode and asks the user to press yes to continue, the software will then run on the users desktop allowing your support staff to connect to the computer.

Because Remote Helpdesk is self configuring it is not possible to get a Authenticode license, this is due more to limitations with authenticode rather than Remote Helpdesk.

To overcome this problem suggest you display the following information to advise any concerned users:-


When you run Remote Helpdesk software from our Web site you may get the following security warning message:

"Warning: The authenticity of this content cannot be verified, therefore it cannot be trusted...."

Solutions: Do any of the following:
Ignore the message and continue downloading the file. There is nothing wrong with the file, so you can download it and run it as expected.
Download the file using a Web browser that does not use Authenticode verification (e.g., Netscape Navigator or Opera).
Save the file to your hard disk, and launch it manually.

Cannot run remhelp from a web page using Netscape
Netscape does not have an option to run executables directly from web pages. It is suggested that you display advise as follows:-

For Netscape users, save the file to your hard disk and launch it manually.

Can I remotely login at the remote computer logon screen

No, Remote Helpdesk is designed to run as a normal application and cannot be used if the user has not logged onto the remote computer. Only installed services can view the login screen.

Can I reboot the remote computer

Create a bacth file called startRH.bat and write the following line (with [Directory] modified as required):

[Directory]\remhelp.exe START  

Startup regedit on the remote computer and add the batch file to run under the following key:

When the remote computer is rebooted, it should autostart the remote helpdesk connection.

If the computer in question has windows login screen enabled, it must be turned off (if possible) to allow the computer to restart directly into a windows session.

For example to autologin to NT,win2000,XP check...  

For Win95/98 check...

note : Reboot command has been added to version 7.2

Does the license cover providing services to all my Users on the internet

Yes, as long as your helpdesk is located at a single site there is no restriction on how many users that can download and run the remote helpdesk server.

How to change the look and feel of remote helpdesk server

Open one of the current bitmaps installed during installation and modify as required. After completing the bitmaps, start the remote helpdesk server (remhelp.exe), select setup, select display, press new and then update the bitmaps to imbed the bitmaps in the remhelp.exe

Remote Helpdesk fails in Reverse Connection - Port in Use

Windows "Message Queuing" uses port 2105 and may block Remote Helpdesk from initialing the port. To overcome this problem change port to an alternative port. Thanks to pascal for advising of the problem.

Updating Remhelp.exe on site without Graphic Files

If you try updating the configuration of remhelp.exe on site and it displays an error "Startup bitmap does not exist". Delete entries for the "Startup Bitmap" and "Remote Session Bitmap" under "Display" Tab and press the update button. If no entries exist for bitmaps the program will update without modifying its embedded bitmaps.

  Running Remhelp.exe from a Bootable Disk

BartPE can be used to create a bootable disk for most operating systems.  To run remhelp.exe from BartPE, copy remhelp.exe and required sound files to BartPE's temp ram drive (b:\) as follows:
        Copy x:\tools\remhelp.exe b:\
        Copy x:\tools\msacm32.dll b:\
        Copy x:\tools\msacm32.drv b:\
        Call b:\remhelp.exe

Thanks to Julian and Ken Corbett from eDecisions for their advice concerning BartPE.         

  Running Remhelp.exe as a Service

Ken Corbett from eDecisions advised that Remhelp.exe can run under a service on WinNT systems (NT4, 2000, XP etc.) by installing as follows.

Copy the following files to the computer:
Remhelp.exe - Your current working remote help desk file
Instsrv.exe – Resource Kit file to add services
Srvany.exe – resource kit file to manage service
Rmserviceremove.bat – Batch file to execute  to remove service when you’re finished
Rmserviceadd.bat – Batch file to execute to add service to allow reboot
Regtwek.reg – Reg adjustments per

Macro 1: Reboot Host PC – Add Service

Macro 2: Reboot Host PC – Remove Service (We don’t want to leave it running)

Run your Add Service Macro and reboot when ready. Don’t forget to run the remove Service or you’re going to get a connection every time the user reboots.

Ken has kindly provided required files here

  Printing using MS Internet Server IIS

Ken Corbett from eDecisions has kindly shared how he prints through a IIs server...

1: Setup an internet Printer at the location the Tech will Work from.
        1. Open Control Panel and open add remove programs.
        2. Click Add Remove Windows Components
        3: Click Application Server
        4. Click Details
        5. Click IIS services
        6. Click Details
        7. Place a check mark next to Internet Printing.
        8. Click OK
        9. Click OK
        10. Click Next
2: Once Internet printing is configured on the IIS server you can open the web site: http://servername/Printers Which will display the shared printers on the IIS server. Select the printer you want to use, then under Actions click Connect.
Note: You will not see the option to Connect if your trying it from the server, you have to connect from a remote machine to see the connect option.
3: You should be prompted for a name and password to connect to the printer, enter your user info and the printer should be added to the client PC allowing you to print over the internet.
Note: Windows XP would require installing IIS if your not using a full server, IIS is available on the XP CD.
Ken Corbett

  Dropouts and Connection Stability

Dropouts can be caused by a number of factors and can be difficult to trace. Below are some suggestions to check.

Local Firewalls.. If possible turn off your local firewall and check if stability is improved. Under your firewall options, there may be settings such as "application monitoring" that may be detrimental to the operation of Remote Helpdesk;

Local Router Problems... Make sure TCP is enabled for the port used, try disabling options like 'smart packet filtering' and retest;

Network Line speed and duplex... make sure line speed and duplex settings are matching the required settings for your router;

Faulty Network Card...You may need a network sniffer to determine if network card is operating as expected;

ADSL Connections...Some adsl networks may fail with faulty phone filters, unplug  phones and retest;

Faulty network Line to ISP...Run a ping against a known server at your ISP for 15 minutes to determine if packets are dropped (ping with -t option);

Connection problems from your ISP... Run a ping against a known www server for 15 minutes to determine if packets are being dropped (ping with -t option). Check with your ISP if other users are having problems with dropouts.

  Vista - will pre 7.3 versions of Remote Helpdesk work with MS Vista

Help Files for Remote Helpdesk will not open under MS Vista.

Remote control of a computer with Aero Glass enabled can be very slow because windows api's are converting the aero glass image into a non aero glass image on the fly. To disable AeroGlass, under Remote Helpdesk Client (remhelpc.exe), Options Menu, 'Remote Display' Tab, change colors to 256 colors.  AeroGlass works under 32bit colors only.

Remote Computer Information fails under Vista, anybody requiring it, will need upgrade to the latest version of Remote Helpdesk.

  Laptop Power Settings - Remote Sessions disconnect when Laptops Hibernate

Create a Macro called "OnConnect" that automatically runs on connection to check power saving settings. If the power setting is set to "Laptop" (which in the registry is 1), display the control panels Power Setting Configuration screen.

Dim LaptopSleep$
LaptopSleep$ = RegistryReadStr("HKEY_CURRENT_USER","Control Panel\PowerCfg", "CurrentPowerPolicy")
If (LaptopSleep$ = "1") or (LaptopSleep$ = "4") or (LaptopSleep$ = "5") then
                If (OS$ = "WIN95") Or (OS$ = "WIN98") Then
                                Execute(GetWindowsDirectory$ & "\Control.exe","Powercfg.cpl")
                                Execute(GetSystemDirectory$ & "\Powercfg.cpl")

  Auto Update from Web Server - remhelp.ver Invalid under MS IIS 

MS Internet Server doesnt recognise ".ver" as a valid mime type and will not serve it to clients unless the mime type is added as per following unstructions. Thanks to Anthony Mizzi for advising and providing instructions.

Follow instructions as per..., but under step #4, right click on the sub-folder containing the remhelp.exe and remhelp.ver files.



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GID Software provides software for Bussiness and Home Users. GID Software provides software for Bussiness and Home Users. GID Software provides software for Bussiness and Home Users.