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I got your remote helpdesk about a week ago.  It has really made my life easier.  I can take care of most of my customer's needs from my home office now.  The savings in gas, driving into customers, will pay for the program.  The program just works very nicely.  Good Job.


Douglas Shonley
Computer Help
Elk Point, SD

Guys, Great Job…..

Long time user, we have used GID Remote Helpdesk for over 5 years now, and just when I think it can’t get any better you introduce a new version with some feature I had not thought of. Version 7.2 is just that. Any company not using you’re your product is not serious about remote support, Home Run….

Ken Corbett
IT support Manager

Thanks a lot for the great service!
We are unbelievable happy with your software and while serving many of my customers in the EMEA-area, I can tell you that is worth any eurocent it costed!

Thanks again,
Kind regards,

Ton Snijders
Senior Engineer Intl. Customer and Technical Support ARI Europe B.V.

I have demoed and purchased your remote helpdesk software. To date I have evaluated 9 different packages in search for a solid support system for my support agent that does not cost us a monthly fee. I just wanted to say that your product is by far the best product I have seen for a small computer company, both price and functionality and works perfectly.

Thanks for a great product; I look forward to continuing relationship.


William R. Holland

Holland Computers, Inc.
483 N. Abbe Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: 440-365-9906 Ext: 111
Fax: 530-706-9279

We really like your program and chose it over Citrix’s GoToAssist, mostly because your program does everything it does, but cost 1/10th the amount.

Scott Benson
Technology Solutions Coordinator
Kearns Business Solutions

This is the best software I have ever seen. No kiddin. This program works ! No blue screens, failers, or what so ever. It changed my computer company and I am only using it a week now.

One question, my customers are paying me per minute. In the Log there is a start-time and an end-time, is it possible to write also the total time on each line ?

No matter if it can't, it is still the best.

Best regards.
Marty de Vos
M.C. de Vos computer service

Just a quick email to say that Remote HelpDesk is absolutely fantastic. What a great product.

Architectronic Ltd

I want to take the time to say that your product is wonderful. It fit our needs perfectly and saved all of a lot of time. It is small, quick and easily customizable. There is no overhead on the users PC which I love. There is not a better product on the market at any price for our needs. Thanks a lot!!!

Eric Hickman
Matsushita Electronic Components Corp.

The remote helpdesk software has really made a major difference in the way we offer technical support to our clients, it is simple, fast, and very easy for them to use. Your product paid for itself in four days. I highly recommend it and it’s worth every penny.

Best regards,
Mike Hale
ISG Inc.

Remote Help Desk has paid for itself in 6 months over 100 times, its by far the the best product for any size business to support staff anywhere.

I've used the product in the Car over a Celular conection to correct server problems, assist users on breakdowns. The Time management feature is great for keeping track of your billing.

Two thumbs up to Gidsoftware, keep up the good work.

Still would like to see one feature, It would be nice if the program were an Active-X control that would not generate a security warning when the users loaded the client side. [from GID Software...examining this suggestion]

Ken Corbett
Elk Grove Ca.

Hi Support

You might have noticed, I have already purchased the Lite version of your helpdesk software. Let me give you some feedback on my first experience with your software:

1) fast response from you, great!
2) responsive support behavior, great!
3) pretty small server footprint, good! (I have seen 85 kb but then there was no bitmap included)
4) I can't put my hands on security. I found a statement somewhere, that all traffic between server and client is coded. Can you elaborate on the status of such security?
5) features: pretty complete for help desk functionality. I would appreciate a function by which I can show my screen (from the client to the server). It would be nice to be able to switch off the background desktop on the server automatically. Resolutions for the server of 1024x768 and 1280x1024 in addition to the already availabel 800x600 and 640x480 would be great.
6) As always bandwidth is of importance. Compression becomes very important. I think your helpdesk software handels slow bandwidths pretty fast, although maybe not the fastest of what I have seen.

Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.


We're raving about your product to our peers - I hope it results in sales for you.

Best regards,

If you have to support many customers in remote locations... this is the best product for the job! It has saved me and my co-workers many many hours of wasteful commute time. No longer do I have to sit around and watch software install on a support call. I can have my users open up a webpage, start the server piece (set to reverse connection), they then automatically remote connect to me. Once connected, all I have to do is start the install from a secure network server, minimize the window and re-open it after the install is done! This alone has personally saved me roughly 5 hours a week.
I can now handle 80% of my support issues remotely.

I spent many hours searching for a software package that didn't require a separate installation on my clients machines. Once I found RemoteHelpdesk I knew I had to have it. I was also pleasantly surprised when Glen was able to accommodate my request for an "auto-start" switch. I requested this feature on 7/11 at 1:00pm and it was in my email by 7/12 at 7:30am... Talk about Customer Service!!!

Recently I have suggested some extra functionality and features (very extreme and programming intensive) for RemoteHelpdesk. Glen was more than receptive and said he'll be adding similar features in the future... I can't wait.

If you would ever like to speak with me about my use of RemoteHelpdesk, feel free to contact me at or

Jamie Follette
Skidmore College
Saratoga, New York, USA

My company just purchased a license for your software. My compliments to a nice tight application that is simple, and to the point. I also commend your licensing scheme. As a small software company, your licensing fits well with our budget and needs, and will provide a good value for our support of our products.

One question or idea.

Is there / could there be a command line switch to change the port.... In particular for the reverse connection.

Reason... We have two support techs. Our same software install will have additional features that are unlocked, based on the license. One tech supports the lower license and the other supports the higher license. We have placed a shell execute launch of the remote server from our app. What we would like to do is open port 2105 for lower app and 2106 for the higher, to direct to appropriate remote tech.

Otherwise, we have to include two editions of the server, which would be overkill. (even though you really made a nice tight sized app).

Lance Rasmussen
CDE Software

Thanks for the add-on. Did not expect implementation that quick, but most pleasantly suprised. If this is how you address bugs/issues, then this helps re-affirm my position using your company and helps justify the expenses for our company. Kudo's. The autostart is most helpful too. We will be able to do everything, from our app to appear seamless.

CDE Software

Thanks for the great program. It's already saved me 1.5 hours of travel time and I've only started using it today!




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GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users.