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Huey PC Remote Control Version History


Huey Release 6.0 (August 28, 2006)

Bug Fix..  XP Popup messages are now visible;
Note : Zone Alarm disables control of its interface from remote programs. To allow Huey to respond to Zone Alarm popups, open the Zone Alarm client, select overview, preferences, and then uncheck 'Protect the Zone Alarm Client'.

Huey Release 5.9 (August 4, 2006)

Bug Fix.. ID Connection fixed so it reads IP Address from server;
Bug Fix.. Screen modified to be readable under large screen fonts (thanks nicos);
Bug Fix.. Uninstall fixed so it now removes all files;

Huey Release 5.8 (May 27, 2006)

Bug Fix.. 5.7 Trial Version was not giving users 30 days to trial.

Huey Release 5.7 (May 20, 2006)

New.. Transfer screen that displays when connecting to version 5.7 servers;
New.. Configurable Login screen, with search facilities for user name;
New.. Multiuser database that can store connection data on a shared drive;
Bug Fix.. Fixed interception of Alt keystrokes by client menu.

Huey Release 5.6 (April 8, 2006)

Bug Fix.. transfer of large compressed files sometimes failed;
Bug Fix.. Huey Taskbar was not working correctly under non-admistrative logins;
Bug Fix.. Files with single quotes could not be viewed or transferred;
Note..The bug fix for transfer of compressed files required modifying the transmission protocol, as a result version 5.6 cannot communicate with older versions and vice versa.

Huey Release 5.5 (February 4, 2006)

New.. Huey Client can be configured to run in flash drive;
Bug Fix.. Remote Drive Information - Drive Free data incorrect

Huey Release 5.4 (November 26, 2004)

Bug Fix.. returned full screen mode as per user requests.

Huey Release 5.3 (September 24, 2004)

New.. resizing of remote screen view;
New.. Improved interface with toolbar;
New.. Remote Hardware/Software Information.
Note.. IP Polling has been removed from this version, if any current users require this function please contact support and will try add next version.

Huey Release 5.2b (May 29, 2004)

Bug Fix... Version 5.2 Auto Logout Option may shutdown computers if users logged out manually and closed the connection while the remote computer was logging out of its desktop. (thanks Bob B. again who advised us this problem);

Huey Release 5.2 (May 26, 2004)

New.. modified memory handling to improve speed of screen updates;
New.. Auto LogOff on disconnection;
New.. Hide Huey Tray Icon from Non Administartors and/or Non Power Users;
Bug Fix... Version 5.1 could not login if login screen saver was active (thanks Bob B. who quickly pointed this out);
Bug Fix... Fixed memory leak with hueyserv.exe;

Huey Release 5.1 (May 16, 2004)

New.. Tray icon to configure Huey Service more easily;
New.. Tray icon changes color when connection is in progress;
New.. IP address of connections can be obtained by hovering mouse over tray icon;
New.. Access Netware or Microsoft shared drives through the remote computer;
Bug Fix... Huey client now saves configuration files correctly under win2000 and WinXP;
Bug Fix... Huey client failed to read registry unless user had PowerUser or Administration Permissions;
Note.. Huey client now saves connection information under 'Documents and Settings' folder when running on Win2000 and WinXP.

Huey Release 5.0 (October 1, 2003)

New.. Communications modified to improve speed;
New.. Can Bind Huey server to single IP address if required;
Note.. Because of greatly modified communications version 5 cannot be used to communicate with previous versions of Huey and vice versa.

Huey Release 4.8

Bug fix... Some settings were incorrectly encrypted under previous versions causing failure with some license keys and user logins/passwords.

Huey Release 4.7

New.. Clipboard automatically sent to remote computer (receiving clipboard from remote is still manual);
New.. Improved speed with slower connections;

Huey Release 4.6

New.. File transfer improved to include folder transfer;p

Huey Release 4.5

New.. Association of hrc (huey remote connection) files with Huey;
New.. Installation program enhanced, now using Astrum Install Wizard;

Huey Release 4.4

New.. Communication layer overhead minimised;

Huey Release 4..3

New.. Look and feel of Login Screen Modified;
New.. All Communications are compressed and encrypted;

Huey Release 4.2

New.. Wallpaper on remote disabled during session (only works if active desktop is disabled)

Huey Release 4.1

New.. Added mouse wheel support;


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GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users.