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Huey PC Remote Control
Version 6.0 for NT, 2000, XP & 2003

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Huey PC Remote Control software

Huey is a PC Remote Control Program for telecommuters, it offers uncompromised performance at excellent value.

Download and try Huey for 30 days.

Huey PC Remote Control uses a double compression algorithm to ensure that you get quick screen refreshes at the screen resolution of your remote pc. The installation is thin to minimise installation problems and to maximise reliability. The software contains no dll's, does not replace your video drivers and you will not have to reboot your computer during installation.

If you want to remotely control a pc across the internet you need security, Huey pc remote control includes encryption of all communications between the client and the remote computer, it also includes the latest compression algorithms to ensure that your communications is not only safe but thin as well.

Business users can use Huey's socks authentication to connect to remote computers behind firewalls. When connecting to a remote computer, Huey pc remote control can authenticate the connection with your socks server which grants access permission based on user login / password or the IP address of the client. If your business does not have a firewall that supports socks consider adding a proxy server (like Proxy Plus by Fortech) specifically for your remote computing needs.


  • Screen transfer without loss of screen resolution
  • Optional firewall socks authentication
  • Remote computers don't need permanent ip address
  • File/Folder transfer
  • Windows and/or Domain authentication of login and passwords
  • Clipboard transfer
  • User definable Hotkeys
  • User definable IP Port
  • Encryption secures communications
  • Compression of network traffic
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Mouse wheel support for ms mouse or equivalent
  • Swap Mouse buttons for users that are left handed
  • Thin installation (2 x Client file, 2 x server files and no reboot)
  • Huey client (huey.exe) can be installed and executed from a floppy disk for those on the move
  • Huey does not replace your graphic driver or install a GINA replacement
  • Timeout if network connection fails
  • Login, logout or lock your computer remotely
  • 30 day free trial
  • Never pay for upgrades.

Trial Version & Purchasing

You are free to download Huey PC Remote Control and trial for 30 days, if you are pleased with Huey PC Remote Control you can purchase it online for just US $29.95. The site license allows the installation of the Huey server module on all computers within a single building (or single site) belonging to a single company or Government Department. Licenses are required for each remote computer, client software is free. Contact support if you need more information about costs.

Processing of all orders are processed through ShareIt, a global and secure e-commerce provider for software sales through the internet. All information is transmitted on a secure encrypted connection and your email address will never be used for spamming. If you have questions about ordering and payments please visit the ShareIt Customer Care Centre.

30 Day Trial, 1.2mb

Free try now
30 Day Trial from Mirror Site, 1.2mb Free try now

Single Server License at

US $29.95 buy now
10 Server Licence at US $175.00 buy now
50 Server Licence at US $800.00 buy now
Single Site License at US $1,950.00 buy now


Support is provided free to registered users by email. If you have already registered Huey and want to upgrade to the latest version just advise support and we will send you the latest version.

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GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users.